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Express your love through personalization

Personalizing a name inside the bracelet adds to the power of its title, “I Remember”.   The personalized bracelet could honor a wedding day, be given as a graduation gift, celebrate a birth, or for any special event or anniversary.  Personalizing the bracelet adds a thoughtful gesture to its beauty and meaning and is a reminder that the presence of a loved one, or a cherished memory, is always with us.

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To own an I REMEMBER BRACELET allows us to not only touch history but to perpetuate memory and make our love useful through deep meaning and witnessing. The bracelet is a story-telling device rendered exquisitely in precious metals. What memories will you celebrate and share when wearing it?

Wearing History on your Arm

The Meaning of the I Remember Bracelet

In our time, more people than ever across the globe are interconnected by technology in ways unprecedented in human history. The world is now a global village permitting distant continents and nations to exchange ideas and information in a matter of seconds. Unfortunately, a downside is that stories of war, human suffering and atrocities reach us daily, and at a disturbing speed.

For enlightened people with a sense of compassion, the human gaze on such fearful matters are now the eyes of the world. It’s important that somewhere, justice is watching and that witnesses are speaking out. Ensuring that the ideals of freedom and peace remain alive requires constant vigilance.

The intention of the bracelet is dedicated to all victims and survivors of violent regimes and genocide, past and present. It’s designed to invoke conversations and meaningful dialogue between the wearer and those who look upon it.

We invite you to consider the I REMEMBER BRACELET as wearing history on your arm, to raise your voice for those whose cries have been silenced, to bear witness for genocide victims, wherever they may be, and “Tilt the balance toward action.”

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The I Remember & Company LLC, a jewelry venture first created in New York City in 2019, are engaged in supporting the human rights initiatives of USC Shoah Foundation. A percentage of every purchase from the I REMEMBER Bracelet Collection will be donated to USC Shoah Foundation.

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