WHAT if I need extra assistance with my purchase?

Please explore our Contact Us link under Customer Service on our site and we will be happy to assist. 

What shipping options are available? 

I Remember & Company LLC retains UPS and FED-EX as our shippers, both nationally and internationally. Any return mailing and insurance expenses, beyond any reasonable costs of a damaged product received and returned, are the responsibility of the customer. Please always be sure to get a shipping receipt with a tracking number.

What payment methods are accepted?

I Remember & Company LLC will be pleased to accept most credit cards, if proved valid. Your purchase will not be shipped until we can validate your method of payment and your purchase is completed via full payment.

How do I personalize?

I Remember & Company LLC offers customized engraving  through our site, at an extra charge. Please discover our in-house services for this distinct feature under the Engraving tab on the site for further information. Customized engraving using our exclusive service can be included at the time of your purchase and will be added to your final costs, including any taxes, if applicable. We respectfully request that you be very sure of the text you wish to have inscribed.  Once engraved, this process cannot be changed and the engraved bracelet in question cannot be returned.

Can I have my order shipped to an international location?

Yes, you may, but please be sure of the correct mailing address. However, all international orders must be paid in US funds and will implemented or shipped when our billing process has cleared your payment method and your account is fully credited.  Any fees on currency conversion charges are the responsibility of the customer. This would include all shipping, insurance costs, customs and excise duties due, and all local and national taxes if applicable.

How long will it take to receive my order from the time the order is placed?

The collection is produced by master metal-smiths in our artisans’ workshop in Brooklyn, New York, USA. Our artisans take great pride in their skills to deliver you a rare and well-crafted product that will last a lifetime. We anticipate that you will receive your order within 3-4 weeks. Kindly note, if you choose our engraving service, please allow extra time for the delivery date of your order.

How may I make a return or an exchange?

Please explore our Refunds & Exchanges link under Customer Service on our site for guidance and policies.

Will I be charged tax on my order?

It depends on where the purchaser is located and from what US region or overseas territory, to and from, the order is placed.  Taxes, any customs, and excise duties due are based on the laws of the nation from where the order may originate and the delivery address. If applicable, or if any other local or international assessments, as required, may appear on your final checkout receipt. Please explore our Terms & Conditions/Privacy Notice/Terms of Sale links under Customer Service on our site.

Will I be charged shipping on my order?

Shipping, handling and insurance are built into the price of the collection on purchase and delivery if ordered within the USA and its recognized territories.  Please explore our Refunds & Exchanges link under Customer Service on our site.

How do I wear and care for my collection?

Instructions may be found on the sleeve of the signature box. To clean the collection, rub gently with a soft cloth, rinse in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly..

Is the I REMEMBER AGAINST GENOCIDE collection appropriate for all ages?

Yes, the collection is a gender-neutral and multi-generational item. The collection is an inspiring gift for you or your loved one, or to celebrate any occasion.

What about the Warranty?

Every purchase comes with a ONE year Limited Warranty. A copy of the Limited Warranty is enclosed on the sleeve of the I Remember & Company LLC signature box. Please explore our Warranty link under Customer Service on our site.

May I return any of the collection engraved?

No, the engraving with text of any kind are not eligible for any refunds or exchanges.

What about the return policy?

Please explore our Refunds & Exchanges link under the Customer Service on our site.

How do I measure?

Please explore our Size Chart link for our sizing guide under Customer Service  on our site as to how to measure for the correct fit.