Of the many people who were instrumental in bringing the I REMEMBER BRACELET  to life, I particularly thank my partner,jewelry designer, Philip J. Weisner who helped to channel my vision of this endeavor from strength to strength.  My great admiration to you.

In recognition of other wonderful professionals who worked with me on this initiative and gave generously of their talents.

They are:

  • Mark Standish & Carl Timpone at Visual Natives for their distinguished creative eye and strategic wisdom in the website and logo’s design,
  • Jackie Miller and the Madovar packaging company for their distinctive and impressive box production,
  • Julia Meynert-Guarino, violinist and virtuoso, for her unparalleled musical gift,
  • Alissa Beth Sweeney, model, for her sensitive and expressive on-camera talents,
  • Jeff Cohen at Hoboken Tech Solutions for his extensive IT skills and unending collaboration,
  • Rita Vaccaro for her generous emotional outreach and demonstrative encouragement,
  • Dr. Kori Street, Senior Director of the USC Shoah Foundation, for her steadfast assistance and support.
  • Nick Kennedy, Associate Director of Annual Giving at the USC Shoah Foundation, for his consideration.

  • Ted Doudak, CEO/President, Riva Precision Manufacturing, for his commitment and high standards in fusing art and engineering in producing fine jewelry.

A special note of thanks: to my mother, Mrs. Joanie Glogover, for her untiring exploration in naming this design “I REMEMBER.” And in further gratitude: to my distinguished friends who led me the way to New York and, ultimately, to Philip J. Weisner’s jewelry studio.

A trip to Auschwitz inspired me to create this piece of jewelry as a lasting tribute to the memory of my adored late father, and Holocaust survivor, Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover, (1925-2013).  Imprisonment obliterated his teenage years, but his survival and courage are a lesson to all those who endure genocidal regimes, that they may live with fierce will and endurance.  He would say that his time served in Auschwitz taught him how to “Make my love useful.” His words will remain with me forever. 

Bonnie Glogover