IN recognition of the wonderful professionals and artisans who worked with me on this initiative that were instrumental in bringing the I REMEMBER AGAINST GENOCIDE® collection to life; I want to thank them for giving so generously of their talents. And in further gratitude…

TO my mother, Mrs. Joanie Glogover, for her untiring exploration in naming this design “I REMEMBER.”

TO my distinguished friends who helped to channel my vision of this endeavor from strength to strength. 

TO my publicist, Ms. Anna Ray-Jones, I feel it an esteemed honor to have the love of your capabilities, the personification of your grace and your goodness. God uses good people to do great things to serve us all. You changed the trajectory long before I recognized and understood the power and impact your ideas embodied. I would not be deeply fulfilled had you not chosen this mission. I know that to be true. For confronting history, thank you for myself and every people. I owe you to succeed.


A trip to Auschwitz inspired me to create the I REMEMBER AGAINST GENOCIDE® collection as a lasting tribute to the memory of my adored late father, and Holocaust survivor, Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover, (1925-2013).  Imprisonment obliterated his teenage years, but his survival and courage are a lesson to all those who endure genocidal regimes, that they may live with fierce will and endurance.  He would say that his time served in Auschwitz taught him how to “Make My Love Useful.” His words will remain with me forever. 

Most sincerely,

Bonnie Ray Glogover