I remember. Do you remember?

The I REMEMBER BRACELET was inspired by Auschwitz survivor, Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover, of blessed memory (1925 -2013).  However, it was created to honor all victims and survivors of genocide worldwide, past and present.

Genocide can and is happening again.  Such depravity will always be incomprehensible.  It’s what makes our commemoration of the victims and survivors of such atrocities important, as embodied in this piece of jewelry.

The bracelet is much more than a fashion accessory.  It evokes discussion and meaningful interaction.  It’s a symbol of defiance and hope, a rallying cry raised in shining metals for those whose voices have been, and are being, silenced by tyranny.

Crafted by Fifth Avenue jeweler, Philip J. Weisner, his unique design has interpreted the train tracks that led to the infamous railhead at Birkenau where thousands of innocent prisoners, representing many faiths and many nationalities, were selected to live or perish.

The I REMEMBER BRACELET collection, produced in silver, 18K  yellow,  rose,  white gold, and in platinum, is gender-neutral.  It’s symbolic of a journey of memory and love.  The words “I REMEMBER” are inscribed on the inside, with space allowed to engrave the name of a loved one.


The two partners of I Remember & Company LLC support the human rights initiatives of the USC Shoah Foundation. Kindly know a percentage of your purchase will be donated bi-annually to the Foundation: https://sfi.usc.edu/. Matching funds to a different anti-genocide charity will be donated every month in recognition of the bracelet’s spirit of universality. These would be organizations that serve refugees and migrants worldwide who are uprooted by war, famine, crime and political injustice.


I Remember & Company LLC

Bonnie Glogover   

Bonnie Glogover


Philip J. Weisner
Phillip Weisman