Bonnie Glogover

Bonnie Glogover

Bonnie Glogover, business innovator and entrepreneur, conceived of the I REMEMBER Against Genocide collection to pay lasting tribute to the memory of her adored late father, Stanley (Szlamek) Jackson Glogover, 1925 –2013, who was a survivor of the Holocaust.

Bonnie also took the declaration of “I REMEMBER” and “never forget” to heart, successfully lobbying the House of Representatives in 2000 to establish a National Holocaust Remembrance Day on the US calendar that is now marked each Spring. She honors her father’s memory daily through hard work, determination, and strategic thinking. [ Congressional Record  -House January 31, 2001  Pg 1043

Today Bonnie credits her father with showing her to never give up and to always believe in her vision.  Imprisonment obliterated her father’s teenage years, but his survival and courage are a lesson to all those who endure genocidal regimes, that they may live with fierce will and endurance.

He would say that his time served in Auschwitz (prisoner # 81481) taught him how to “Make my love useful.” His words will remain with Bonnie forever.

 The two Glogovers shared an incredible “father and daughter” bond and Bonnie carries on her father’s legacy of making a difference in serving others.

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