The Creation of the I Remember Bracelet

It’s a strange irony that a bracelet forged in precious metals and birthed in the furnaces of the goldsmith and the intentions of the jeweler should echo the awful heat of genocide.

However, that which is burnt down, as the persistent regrowth of charred forests will attest, leaves a space for healing and renewal. Seared roots will always grow again.

The I REMEMBER BRACELET has its foundation in such elemental forces, (both spiritually and industrially), but its message is one of honor for the past, hope for the future, and an open dialogue between people and generations.

The concept of wrapping decorative materials around one’s arm is as ancient as metalsmithing itself. People have adorned their wrists throughout history. The wearing of bracelets, expressed in various materials, carries many meanings from birthright, mourning, marital status, bonds of friendship, to sacred myths of regeneration.

The creation of the I REMEMBER BRACELET arises in these traditions. It crosses the boundaries of decades from WWII to our time, to reflect on the past, connect the wearer to others, and open a dialogue about the future.

From the first sketches of the bracelet’s design to the CAD-cam refinement to the metalsmithing skills and processes of RIVA Precision Manufacturing in Brooklyn, New York, the traditional methods of
jewelry production nurtured by new technologies, and the dedicated talents of RIVA’s artisans, has helped to birth the I REMEMBER BRACELET.