The I REMEMBER BRACELET was designed to be worn permanently. It comes fully assembled and opens and closes with its own customized screwdriver and two screw fasteners.  There are two screws on opposite sides of the bracelet, of which only one needs to be opened.

1) Remove the bracelet from its signature box. Place the screwdriver head onto one of the screws and gently turn it counter-clockwise. Carefully loosen the screw and the bracelet will open easily. It is not necessary to remove the screw completely.

2) Mount the bracelet on your wrist. Insert the screw into its slot. Take the screwdriver and turn the screw clockwise until secure. (Please don’t over tighten the screws.) To remove the bracelet, reverse the procedure.

3) To clean the bracelet, rub gently with a soft cloth, rinse in warm soapy water, dry thoroughly.

Discover more information on the Collection Tab on the Site to order a one-time complimentary screw replacement and/or to purchase extra screws.